Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Been a While, But...

I've decided to give this blog thing another shot. You see, I was a little saddened that no one came to check out my first post, even after "advertising" it for a little while. Oh well! Combing that, I have also since come to realize that there are about more than 200,000 blogs each day, and the number that exist on the internet is so staggering that it probably jumps well over the billions. Even so, I've decided to continue this blog, just to see how long I can go without anyone reading it. Well, that's actually a part of it. Another is because, well, this could also be a sort of journal for ideas and rants. That's probably the main reason anyone starts a blog, but still, it'll be kind of cool to have a collection of ideas, rants, discussions, reviews, artwork, blah blah blah.

Like, just now, I saw a news report about this blanket with sleeves called a, "Snuggie." I remember when I first saw that infomercial, I was like, "All right! People will start wearing cult-style robes again!" I mean, it's so great. Not only will you remain warm, you'll also look like you belong to some evil cult because every other middle-class, used-to-shop-at-the-Sharper-Image-before-it-went-bankrupt-but-will-still-buy-pointless-stuff-to-give-more-meaning-to-their-meaningless-lives person will be wearing them!

In any case, I hope someone will find this blog amusing, interesting, enraging and, most of all, entertaining. And if any of youz people steal my ideas, I'LL MUYDA YA!!

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